Phsycology of combat

David Galbraith


My Story

Brought up in some of the most deprived areas of Glasgow combat was a harsh reality for me on a Daily basis. I had to dedicate my life to becoming  a combative specialist. At the age of 18 an attempted murder took place leaving me with 5 stab wounds in the head and neck with over 70 stitches and an operation to repair nerve damage in my neck.Oneof many battles but this one was by far the worst. My journey as a professional MMA fighter began and I traveled the World learning from the best in the business . Afer 6 amateur bouts 16 professional fights I decided to call it a day and dedicate  my energy to building successful businesses.  My wife was diagnosed with Intrusive thinking OCD early in 2016 which almost lead to her taking her own life. I dedicated myself to learning psychology to try and find answers. I quickly became hooked, taking particular interest in areas such as neurology, learning processes,human behavior and neurological plasticity. I had  access to the perfect environment to do the Acid test with. On the mats and In the cage. With my family by my side.

About My Course

I've been developing my own systems in secret behind closed doors with my tribe for some time now.  I have ran all my work passed sports psychologists, councilors , medical professionals, Olympic level athletes,military professionals and my competitive fight team. All  within a very close nit community at NewLife Gym.  

Once the news of COVID 19 hit I  realized secrecy was no longer an option. People need to see what we have been developing .it's all relevant as all of my work revolves around finding solutions to extreme circumstances and using combative methods to overcome adversity  I've specialized in it for some time now. Every job I receive starts with a problem.

This situation with COVID19 is combatIVE but with an invisible  enemy that cannot be seen. Or so we believe. It's behavior that  provides the visuals indicators much like combat.


I'm a believer that in any dangerous situation you should arm yourself . The key to navigating through any challenge is options and preparation.